PVC Floor Strips

PVC Floor Separator Strip

Makes your Mosaic, Marble and Cement Concrete Floors elegant, neat and colourful.

  • No breakage or wastage during transit or handling which makes it completely safe for workmen also.
  • The edges do not chip or break, as with Glass.
  • Wears evenly with the floor, maintaining the original beauty
  • The ribbed design grips the flooring media firmly
  • Available in 50 mm, 40 mm & 35 mm width to suit your requirement
  • Its wide range of colours makes it possible for you to form innovative architectural designs and features
  • Ideal for use in floors of multistoreyed and traditional residential and non-residential buildings.


  1. Width 35mm, Thickness 4mm
  2. Width 40mm, Thickness 5mm
  3. Width 50mm, Thickness 6mm

Color: White, Standard Length: 4 ft

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